An Opinionated Overview of ZK Tooling and Proof Systems Right Now

   crypto zk || Proof systems, ecosystems, proving stacks, and why we chose the ones we did.

How Quantum Computers affect Cryptography and Blockchain, and Solutions

   crypto zk quantum || It's really hard to understand how exactly quantum computing affects cryptography, what that timeline is, and how to think about it from a cryptographers perspective. This post hopes to give a mathematically-inclined middle ground of understanding.

ZK Email

   crypto zk || A cool way to do server-free, mostly-trustless email subset verification on chain, and what that unlocks

PLUME: Unique Pseudonymity with Ethereum

   crypto zk || A signature scheme that enables zk applications with nullifiers on Ethereum addresses, like zk voting, zk airdrops, zk message boards, and zk proof of solvency.

Thinking in Zero Knowledge: Designing a ZK Message Board

   crypto zk || The first (that we know) message board with anonymous posting in ZK, and a socratic dialogue to build it up.