Thoughts on Various Media I've Consumed [Live Post]

   thoughts musings || Takeaways from rabbit holes I've dived into, articles I've read, or videos I've watched

What is going on with witness encryption?

   recs || Witness encryption is a fairly new cryptographic idea, sort of the flip side of zero knowledge. What is the state of research here, how does it work, and what can we do with it?

The Future of Open Education at MIT/Harvard

   education || Why I care so much about open education, and what inspired MIT SOUL and Course Texts.

An Opinionated Overview of ZK Tooling and Proof Systems Right Now

   crypto zk || Proof systems, ecosystems, proving stacks, and why we chose the ones we did.

Conviction is the Scarcest Resource: Essays About Gaining Real Conviction

   advice || Essays about how you can't fake conviction -- how to recognize it, and how to stop it (and why doing this is the most important thing).

Conviction is the Scarcest Resource: Dialogues About Conviction

   advice || Chats I've had with friends and mentors about how to decide what to do with your life, how to choose between a bunch of great options, optionality, and originality.

Things for Recovering Hoarders Like Me [Live Post]

   recs || Some useful physical items to improve your quality of life.

TV Show Recs for Plot Addicts Like Me [Live Post]

   recs || It's hard to surface really good TV show recs, so I put my favorites (and not-so-favorites) and upcoming shows in this live document!

How Quantum Computers affect Cryptography and Blockchain, and Solutions

   crypto zk quantum || It's really hard to understand how exactly quantum computing affects cryptography, what that timeline is, and how to think about it from a cryptographers perspective. This post hopes to give a mathematically-inclined middle ground of understanding.

Questions for Curious Rabbit-holers Like Me [Live Post]

   recs || I often read things then forget what my takeaways were, so this doc is meant to remind me and hopefully surface interesting ideas for others.

ZK Email

   crypto zk || A cool way to do server-free, mostly-trustless email subset verification on chain, and what that unlocks

PLUME: Unique Pseudonymity with Ethereum

   crypto zk || A signature scheme that enables zk applications with nullifiers on Ethereum addresses, like zk voting, zk airdrops, zk message boards, and zk proof of solvency.

Movie Recommendations for Puzzle-Lovers Like Me [Live Post]

   recs || It's hard to surface really good movie recs, so I put my favorites (and not-so-favorites) and upcoming movies in this live document!

Cheap, Anonymous Vickrey Auctions on-chain

   crypto || How abusing create2 enables anonymous Vickrey auctions on-chain: An EthBogota project by me, real_philogy, out.eth and 0xngmi.

Travel Recommendations for Novelty-Seekers Like Me [Live Post]

   recs || It's hard to surface really good travel recs, so I put my favorite experiences in this live document to help people exactly like me have crazy fun unique experiences.

Thinking in Zero Knowledge: Designing a ZK Message Board

   crypto zk || The first (that we know) message board with anonymous posting in ZK, and a socratic dialogue to build it up.